Amuse vs. RouteNote Comparison

While like RouteNote, Amuse offer free music distribution, many of the features we offer for free are behind their paid Pro model.

Amuse Music Distribution offer features designed for independent artists much like RouteNote.

On Amuse, with no upfront, you can get your music on the following stores:

  • Spotify
  • iTunes/Apple Music
  • Google Music
  • YouTube Music
  • Deezer
  • Tidal
  • Amazon
  • Napster
  • Claro Música
  • Shazam

If you subscribe to their Pro model for $7.99/month, this unlocks the following stores:

  • SoundCloud
  • Anghami
  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube Content ID

We at RouteNote want to offer as many features as possible to all of our artists at no extra cost. With RouteNote, you can get your music on all of the stores mentioned above (free and ‘Pro’) and many more designed to maximise your music across the globe (with many Asian specific stores and streaming services), all for free.

Other features offered by Amuse Pro include:

  • Fast lane releases (10 days)
  • Fast lane support
  • Multiple artist profiles
  • Automatic royalty splits

Again, RouteNote offer all of these features by default for free. Our moderations times are usually around one week (we are currently slightly delayed due to COVID-19). Our support times are usually around 1-3 days. You can upload as many artists as you like with RouteNote and stores will create individual artist profiles for each (which makes us ideal for labels). We offer a free and easy royalty split tool for all artists and labels.

To get started, sign up and upload your music to RouteNote today.

Can I upload cover songs to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, TIDAL, Deezer, etc.

We offer free distribution of your music to all of the world’s top stores and streaming services, and we can send your cover songs of other artists too.

How to upload music to JOOX for free – RouteNote’s new partner

RouteNote have partnered with Tencent-owned music streaming app JOOX, to help independent artists share their music to more Asian markets.


    Hello Routenote team, i’d like to release in Routenote, but i already have Artist page on spotify (Arlo McHardyan). In releasing, The form didn’t asked my Spotify Page URL, so is it going to be released on my Spotify Page or it would be a different page with mine but same name?

    Please for the help, Really like to release with you. Thanks


    Hi Arlo,

    If you have used the same artist name then it should automatically upload to your artist page. If it doesn’t you can get in touch with us and we can sort that out.

    Same question
    I made a Spotify account yesterday and want to use Routenote and want to release songs in the same account

    I have a release hanging for 3weeks in routenote. I don’t know why but something is definitely wrong and now they’re asking for some license which will also cost me so they’re definitely not free at all . They’re has been heavy delays . I’m totally disappointed as they said that it’ll take 3-4 days but it’s been 3 weeks. The thing that offended me the most is that at the very last minute they are making me pay for license or to quit many of stores .

    Hi Aditi, you need to have the legal rights/licenses to use any content that isn’t yours. If you already have the permission to use content that has been raised by our moderation team then you just need to provide evidence of that.

    The Best this that I like about amuse is Payments thresholds and that is only 10 USD. Which I also want in Routenote
    so that we can take that money licence some beats from independent beat makers and work on that. Thats how I work
    So For Routenote Team I want to say that try to keep Payment thresholds minimum so that anyone can Use it

    and thanks me later

    You are absolutely right I also want that it routenote. I emailed them for this delayed service but they haven’t replied on this topic.

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