Spotify for Artists give artists and labels let labels customise artist pages, view real-time analytics and more. Here’s how to analyse your Audience.

The Audience section displays a timeline of your total number of listeners, streams, and followers. This enables you and your team to get a sense of how you are doing on Spotify over time, to demonstrate to potential partners how your audience has grown or to compare your latest release to your previous one.

You can also understand how people are listening to your music by viewing your Source of Streams chart. This chart shows you what percentage of your total streams are coming from what source on Spotify, like directly from your artist profile page or from one of our editorial playlists. This chart can help you understand if people are actively searching for your music, saving it to their library, and adding it to their personal playlists; or if they are predominantly finding your music through our playlists like Discover Weekly.

You can also learn about the demographics of your listeners by looking at the AgeGenderTop Countries, and Top Cities charts. These display what percentage of your audience is male, female, non-binary, or of unspecified gender, as well as the intersection of age. You can also view a world map that displays in which countries and cities your music is being streamed the most. This info can help you refine your promotion or secure new partnerships.

Another feature that is helpful with this is Listeners Also Like, which shows similar artists to you based on a combination of music discussions and trends happening around the internet, with data we gather from listeners on Spotify. Use this info to find a perfect tour mate or collaborator—or use it to better target your marketing.

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