Keeping track of your performance on Spotify just went more mobile with improved analytics on mobile letting you track your data.

A small update, but one that should make artists happy. Spotify for Artists have brough even more analytics into their mobile app. To offer a more comprehensive view they have added more analytics on mobile to bring it more in line with what you can view on desktop.

Spotify have added Audience level hero metrics to the app. This means that you can access the same data as on the desktop site whilst on the go.

The new pages have launched now on the Spotify for Artists app on iOS. Simply ensure your app is updated to the latest version. Android users should gain access in January 2024.

Tracking your audience is fantastic for seeing how your tracks are engaging with artists but can also be vital info for your career. Knowing who’s listening and where informs tour dates and promo. Knowing which songs hit and which don’t can help you appeal to your fan base in future.

Spotify have made a few additions to the stats on their artist platform this year. In July, Spotify added Audience Segmentation that provides a simple, pie-chart-y look at how your audience are engaging with your music.

Even earlier in the year, Spotify launched Active Audience to show you who has been listening to your audience recently. It offers an insight into engagement in the last 28 days. Spotify also recently announced that they will be “sunsetting” some of their available statistics with alternatives in place.

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