Spotify for Artists has long been an empowering tool helping artists understand their audience in numerous ways.

You and your team can see where your listeners are and which of your tracks is most popular, how many streams your music earns, and which of your listeners are active, moderate, or light listeners. Oh, and you can connect your Shopify page to sell your merch too!

Now, Spotify for Artists just got more powerful and informative for artists.

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Spotify for Artists: Audience Segmentation

Building on a previous update where artists could differentiate between Active, Moderate, and Light listeners, Spotify is introducing an Audience Segments. Replacing the active audience tab, Audience Segments displays “your total audience — a look at your unique listeners from the past two years,” as noted by Spotify. The streaming giant continues to say “[Audience Segments] includes your active audience and two new segments: previously active audience and programmed audience,”.

As a result, you can better understand your audience with “a more complete picture” of audience members who are actively streaming your music and revealing those who aren’t. This means you can make more informed decisions while designing promotion and social campaigns, targeting areas in your audience you want to grow. Then, you can measure how effectively your campaigns are converting your more casual listeners into fans over time.

Breakdown of Audience Segments by Spotify for Artists. Image Credit: Spotify
  • Previously active

    Previous listeners who “were in your active audience within the past two years,” but they have not intentionally streamed your music in the past 28 days.
  • Programmed audience

    Listeners who “haven’t streamed your music actively in the past two years,” but they have streamed your music from programmed sources such as Spotify’s many playlists and playlists personalized for users like Discover Weekly, artist radio, mixes, and so on.
  • Active audience

    Listeners who “have intentionally streamed your music in the past 28 days from active sources, including your artist profile, album and release pages, and their own libraries and playlists”.

    Spotify continues to say that this active audience makes up 33% of the total audience, but about 60% of streams and 80% of merch sales on Spotify on average.

Before the implementation of Audience Segments, data available on Spotify for Artists focused on metrics such as total streams, monthly listeners, and followers in a broad data set. Despite the importance of these metrics, Audience Segments presents important detail that will have a huge impact on your decision-making process as you work to grow your audience.

For example, you’ll have a better idea of who to target if you want to convert listeners into fans. You’ll know where your efforts are best channelled as you promote your new album, as well as having a better idea of what locations to target while planning a tour.