Image credit: Spotify

Spotify have dropped their Capsule Collection, featuring limited edition merchandise from top artists every week for their biggest fans.

Capsule Collection has just dropped, giving you more reasons to be a music fan on Spotify. The new weekly package will drop a limited-edition set of merch available for artists’ top fans for a limited time.

These exclusive packages offer artists a unique new way to connect with fans and earn revenue. For fans, it provides an exciting opportunity to get hold of limited-edition merch and wear your fandom proudly on your sleeve (literally!).

Each week, Spotify will drop a new Capsule Collection available at first to artists’ biggest fans via their Spotify Fans First program. The collection will then drop further to give other fans a chance to cop the limited merch.

Spotify are ramping up their merchandise offerings this year on Spotify. This year’s Spotify Wrapped will feature merch integration allowing artists to offer top fans exclusive discounts.

They recently updated their app to provide Merch its very own tab on artist profiles, making it easier for fans to navigate to and browse. Additionally, Spotify launched an entire new Merch hub where listeners can explore a curated collection of offerings from their favourite artists.

Peso Pluma drops their first exclusive merch on Spotify

The very first Capsule Collection launches today with Peso Pluma. Their limited-edition merchandise is based around the Dia de los Muertos (The Day of The Dead).

Peso Pluma says: “Spotify has always supported my music, since day one so it made sense to align with them. I use these capsule items in my day to day so I want my fans to have them as well. They have a special meaning to my Mexican culture.”

Peso Pluma’s collection includes:

  • Peso Pluma Catrinas Hoodie – This super heavyweight Peso Pluma hooded sweatshirt is a wearable ofrenda, paying homage to the well-lived lives of our ancestors. Made with quality construction materials and techniques in South Central, Los Angeles, this comfy pre-washed pullover ensures durability and style.
  • Peso Pluma Calacas Bailando Long Sleeve T-shirt – This long-sleeve heavyweight, broken-in feel tee serves as a reminder to connect with the spirit by celebrating community, music, and dance.
  • Peso Pluma Nueva Vida Tee – This wide-bodied, 100% Cotton jersey unisex comfy tee is a wearable reminder to celebrate life and those who came before us.
  • Peso Pluma Calavera Bandana – The versatile Peso Pluma Bandana showcases a meticulously designed Calaveras motif, ingeniously crafted to transform the bottom of your face into this iconic symbol of Dia de los Muertos.

You can shop Peso Pluma’s Capsule Collection here.