Spotify have been expanding their playlist pitching tool so that artists can specify their music in more depth to increase their chances of getting heard.

Last November, Spotify promised to start building their playlist pitching tool with even more features to help artists get discovered. Since then we’ve been eagerly watching the changes they’re making to deepen the process and allow artists to specify even more accurately what their music is.

Early December, Spotify added the option to distinguish your hometown from where artists are currently located. This helps artists to provide more background to the music scene they’re a part of and the community they’ve ingratiated into if they’ve moved away from their roots.

The latest addition allows artists to choose up to 3 genres that their music fits into when pitching a song. This allows artists to narrow down their sound in detail and is especially useful for artists who cross the boundaries between distinct genres and sit in a unique combination of sounds.

These new features allow artists to go deeper into the sound they hold with each track. This ultimately increases their chances of getting featured in Spotify’s huge playlists as it helps curators distinguish the new music that they’re after to fit into their music mixes.

Last week, Spotify added their latest update to allow artists to pitch their upcoming songs directly from their Spotify for Artists mobile app. This addition is huge for creators who can now put their music forward to Spotify’s many curators anywhere they are.

If you’re an artist looking to pitch your music to Spotify’s playlist makers, you can release your music for free with RouteNote. You need to upload your track in advance of the release date so that we can upload your music to Spotify and allow at least a week until release date for the curators to listen to your music before it goes live and they consider it for playlists.