Spotify editor explains how they pick songs for playlists

In a new monthly series of Q&As, Spotify editors respond to some of the most frequently asked questions around how they choose what music goes where.

With over 25 million followers on their top list, Spotify’s playlists have the potential to make small independent artists chart topping in 2020. Until now, the process of getting picked and what tunes go where has been somewhat shrouded in mystery.

Spotify for Artists’ Behind the Playlists this month talk to an editor for R&B submissions. Responsible for the songs currently found in top playlists such as Are & Be, The Newness, Soul Coffee, Soul Lounge, the Black Lives Matter playlist and more.

In the interview the editor describes how they discover music from labels and independent artists, what they listen out for, how song length can play a factor, how to stand out in a crowded market, choosing what music goes to which playlist within a genre category, and reviewing the performance of songs in playlists.

Make sure you submit as much genre/style detail as possible when pitching your music to Spotify. This will ensure your music gets sent to the right teams. Spotify listen to every track that is sent in for playlisting, so make sure you music is the absolute best it can be before submission.

You’ll want to get pre-saves set up for unreleased music, this promotes your music before release and shows Spotify that you’ve got a loyal fanbase waiting to hear more.

Find the full interview here.

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    Hi, I am just wondering how you choose the personal playlists, e.g. “Made for,..”? etc
    I love the ones made for me and the choices are uncanny. Are they randomly chosen through a computer/robot type program?

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