The number of incredible tracks that we receive on a daily basis is hard to put into words. So instead, we’re launching RouteNote playlists to collect the amazing music we hear for listeners around the world.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our very own curated playlists on Spotify. Compiling the very best of the thousands of tracks that come through us every day, our new playlists will be a source of musical inspiration, energy, focus, and much more.

You can now listen to three new playlists direct from our team of music lovers at RouteNote.

Hooked | Motivational dance music for workouts and parties

The perfect high tempo soundtrack for any occasion in which you need to raise the energy levels a bit. Once parties return this will be the perfect go-to. But it is also the perfect motivator for getting the blood flowing for a workout or to give you something to sing along to as you get things done.

Catalyst | The best new Dance, House, and Chill House music

Keep up to date with what’s hot in the EDM world with the latest and greatest Dance and House tracks. Another playlist that is perfect for fuelling your workout that also makes the perfect soundtrack for get-togethers at the beach, by the pool, at the park, anywhere you are – even if you just want to dance by yourself in the kitchen.

Lo-Fi | Hip Hop tracks to study, relax, and chill out to

The perfect tunes for taking the tempo down a bit. The music we collect here is mellow enough to join you in studying or focussing on something whilst still offering up incredible tracks to enjoy at the same time. Whilst the tracks here are still killer, they’re gentle enough to even help guide you to sleep with the best relaxing tunes in your ears.

We have even more playlists poised to launch in the near-future and we hope you’ll join us as we share the best of RouteNote music each week.