The best third-party Spotify playlist curators to send your music to in 2021

You’ve uploaded your music to Spotify, submitted to Spotify’s top playlists, where do you go from here? Submit your music to these top third-party playlist curators.

With RouteNote, we can help you upload your music to Spotify for free. Spotify for Artists provides artists and managers an easy way to submit their music to Spotify’s own playlists with thousands or even millions of followers. However Spotify’s playlists aren’t the only ones gaining attention from listeners. There are thousands of playlists out their dedicated to showcasing music of all different genres from third-party curators.

Some operate on multiple different platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, etc. So make sure you’re distributing to as many different stores as possible. It’s free and as easy as ticking a box with RouteNote.


Filtr US currently have over 16 million followers across almost 200 playlists on Spotify, with even more internationally and on their genre-specific playlists. Filtr is the largest third-party playlist curator on Spotify. Filtr is run by Sony Music Entertainment but accept playlist submissions from all artists.

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Strange Fruits

With over 7 million followers across 70 playlists on Spotify, Strange Fruits are the largest independent playlist curator on the streaming service. RouteNote help Strange Fruits distribute their artists’ music across all platforms. Unfortunately, Strange Fruits do not accept playlist submissions and instead only include tracks from their own label. However you can submit your demo to the Strange Fruits, Lofi Fruits and Ambient Fruits labels to get featured on these sought after playlists.

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Owned by Universal Music Group, Digster have over 7 million followers across over 200 playlists on Spotify. Much like Filtr, while the majority of music is from UMG themselves, they do accept submission from independent artists via SubmitHub.

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Responsible for one of the most popular live YouTube videos you’ve probably seen. You know the lofi hip hop one with the animated girl studying, with a pretty consistant 50k concurrent viewers. ChilledCow also own a Spotify playlist with over 4 million followers, as well as a handful of other playlists with a few hundred thousand followers.

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Top Playlists

Primarily focused on latin pop music, Top Playlists boast an impressive 3.5 million followers across 164 playlists on Spotify.

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Folk, chill, urban, latino, pop, EDM, indie, alt, with over 350 playlists, your music is bound to fit in with one of Indiemono’s playlists. On Spotify alone, Indiemono have over 3.2 million followers on their playlists.

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An independent record label founded by artists. LoudKult’s 142 playlists largely revolve around tropical/deep house, pop, EDM and chill-hop. With over 2.3 million eyes on Spotify, land on one of LoudKult’s playlists and you’re bound to find success.

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Trap Nation

The most popular of ‘The Nations’ with over 2 million followers on the Trap Nation Spotify playlist alone. Send your music below for considerations to all the different ‘Nations’ (trap, chill, bass, indie, house, rap, R&B and latin).

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Soave look for the best in dance and chill music. With over 2.3 million followers across 154 playlists on Spotify, this could be a big push in new listeners.

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The independent label has 11 deep house and tropical house playlists with a total of over 1.5 million followers on Spotify. Got a new house track that’s up to scratch?

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Promoting Sounds

Promoting Sounds specialise in rap, hip-hop, trap, lofi and bass. Got a track that deserves their attention? Submit it to one of their 19 playlists with over 1.4 million followers on Spotify.

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