Spotify has confirmed that Spotify owned playlists like Release Radar and Discover Weekly give artists more plays than any other curated playlist. Now Spotify has released Release Radar. Release Radar provides listeners with two hours of new music every Friday.

Every Friday, Release Radar gives music fans up to two hours of new releases from the artists they follow and listen to the most.

Your new releases are automatically added to your followers’ Release Radar—so the key to getting your music on Release Radar is having fans follow you on Spotify. The more followers you have, the more fans hear your new releases.

How do you get included in Release Radar and get more plays?

Ask your fans to follow you on Spotify — As they say in the announcement above, your Spotify followers are the ones who’ll hear your music in their Release Radar playlists.

Get your fans listening on Spotify — Whenever you have new music coming out on Spotify make sure you share it on your other social media platforms.

Release more music — An album only gives you ONE chance to get your new music out there (and onto a Release Radar playlist). Instead, think about more frequent release (singles and EPs) that will put your music onto your fans’ radar far more often.

Release Radar is the easiest way for your fans to know when you have released new music on Spotify!

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