How to create interesting and engaging social media posts

Social media is your single most important promotional tool in 2020. However, managing your feed involves more than a “New Single Out Today” post every month.

The advent of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok has made the interactions between you and your fans shift massively. More than ever artists are expected to share more than their music with their fans. Allow your personality to shine through and grow your fanbase.

Most importantly, make sure your posts are:

  • Snappy
  • Interesting
  • Eye-catching
  • Frequent
  • Non-spammy
  • Varied
What sort of posts should I create?
  • Promos – Make sure you’re posting multiple times per new single, EP and album. ‘What I’m working on’, ‘coming soon’, ‘teasers’, ‘out now’, ‘thanks for all the feedback’. Make sure your promo posts are more than text based posts. They need to be eye-catching, with attached music videos, Spotify embeds, album art, etc. Use Pre-Saves for ‘coming soon’ posts. Use a fanlink to appeal to all store users. Do not post the same thing twice and keep your posts varied.
  • Music videos – It’s cheaper and easier than ever to produce high quality video, the only barrier is your creativity. Make sure you videos are interesting original and unique. Record outside of your bedroom and experiment with video editing software/apps.
  • Tour poster – Again, make sure these are more than a text-based post. Get creative and make a poster that lists all dates and venues. Need some help with graphic design, find our top tips here.
  • Live shows – Get someone at your gigs to snap some photos and videos of you performing. This will entice your followers to come to your live shows and help those long distance fans experience the action.
  • Cover songs – Covers are a great way for you to gain new fan who want to hear a new spin on their favourite tune. If you can get the original artist to repost it, that’s a whole new audience you can pick up. You can even publish it to stores, with or without permission from the original artist. Acoustic covers of your own music are also a great way to pick up double the streams for one track.
  • Content Unlocks – Reward your loyal fans in exchange for they sharing, following and promoting of your content.
  • Behind the scenes – Make sure you’re shooting some videos while writing music, rehearsing, recording, mixing and on the road. Fans love to see the creative process behind your finished product.

Not everything you post needs to be about your music. Some off topic posts will show you’re not only after streams.

Vlogs are a great way to show the person behind the music. More than just a photo, your voice and opinions will allow people to attach a human with the music and connect on a whole new level. Show your day-to-day life outside of music, tell stories about how the band got together, the meaning/inspiration behind your songs or Q&As. These can be polished ten minute YouTube videos or spur of the moment Instagram stories/TikToks, both are great in different ways.

Facebook live, Instagram live and YouTube live are blowing up right now. Jump on the bandwagon quick. Show off your extroverted self. It’s the perfect way for your fans to see your unfiltered life. What’s more, is that the moment you go live, every follower will be notified. Just make sure you don’t say anything offensive in the heat of the moment that you’ll regret later on.

The more frequently you post, the more likes you’ll accumulate, the higher you’ll rank on followers feed. Don’t spam your feed with uninteresting posts or you’ll lose followers. Make sure you strike the correct balance between promo material and fun side pieces. See what posts your fans connect with most and build off that success.

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