A new metric in YouTube Studio allows creators to track how videos performed within the first 24-hours of being uploaded.

YouTube have added a new analytics tool to YouTube Studio. The new option allows creators to get in-depth statistics based on the first 24-hours of a video’s upload. The feature is available to all YouTube creators.

Whilst logged in to your account, head to any of your videos, click the blue ANALYTICS button below the video, then click the drop down box in the upper right to see the new First 24 hours option. This will show you how many views your video gained in 24 hours, the total watch time within that period, estimated revenue, as well as how users landed on the video and more statistics under the headings Reach, Engagement, Audience and Revenue.

Creators can now also compare two videos’ first 24 hours performance side-by-side. When in the analytics view, click ADVANCED MODE above the drop down in the upper right, click COMPARE TO… to overlay two videos, and again click the drop down in the upper right to choose First 24 hours.

YouTube Compare First 24 hours

Only videos uploaded in 2019 or later can be viewed and the feature is not available for live streams.

Knowing how many viewers and how these viewers accessed your video within the first 24-hours is key to targeting future videos. YouTube has also places great emphasis on the importance of early engagement, with a chart ranking the most viewed music video debuts in 24 hours.