You’ve finished your tracks and now you want your music out in the world. But how do you upload music to Spotify?

Whilst releasing music has never been more accessible for independent artists, it’s surprisingly hard to discover actually how to upload music on Spotify. Music can’t be uploaded to Spotify directly by an artist. Luckily, all you need is a digital music distributor, who can get your music online for you.

Enter RouteNote. We can help you release music on Spotify – not only quickly and simply, but entirely for free.

We’re an independent digital music distributor and have been supporting independent musicians and producers, and independent record labels, since 2007. We’ve partnered with all the biggest streaming services and stores to allow us to send your music around the world.

When you upload music to Spotify through RouteNote it doesn’t cost you a penny. Choose our unlimited free music distribution and we’ll upload your music to whichever services you like. You keep 85% of the revenue generated once people start streaming and enjoying your music – perfect while you’re building an audience.

Established artist with a massive release planned? Our Premium music distribution lets you keep 100% of your earnings, for a small fee and annual costs.

Releasing music to Spotify and other platforms through RouteNote means you stay in total control of your music, free to switch between tiers or remove your music at any time. Our dedicated support team of music-lovers is with you every step of the way.

Find out more here and upload your music to Spotify for free today, so you can start making money from your music.