What is Shazam music recognition?

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If you’re looking for a music recognition app, Shazam has you covered. So how does Shazam work?

What is Shazam? Shazam is a free music recognition app that tells you what song is playing around you. If you just can’t quite remember the name of a tune, whether it’s a song playing on the radio, in a bar or on the TV, Shazam will identify it. You can even Shazam a song that’s playing in your phone in a different app.

Shazam is owned by Apple and is available on Apple devices, and as an Android app.

How does Shazam work?

Shazam has a huge database of audio fingerprints of millions of tracks it uses to match to the sound you’re searching for. Simply hit the Shazam icon and the app will begin to listen out for a song. It doesn’t record conversations or other audio.

Once it’s identified the track the app then sends information about the song back to your Shazam library – including the name of the track, artist, album art, lyrics, and further info like other similar recommended songs and concert tickets.  

You can also turn on the Auto Shazam feature and Shazam will constantly search for music being played, without you having to lift a finger to press the Shazam icon.

How to add a song to Shazam

If you’re an artist with a finished song ready to be released into the world, you can make it findable by Shazam. As Shazam is owned by Apple, you need to upload your music to Apple Music, and it will automatically be added to the Shazam library.

And how do you upload to Apple Music? You need a digital music distributor. That’s where RouteNote comes in.

We support independent artists, offering unlimited free uploads to streaming services and stores. You keep all the rights to your songs, and are free to come and go at any time. We also help you monetize your music on YouTube and social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Once you start earning royalties, you keep 85% of revenue.

To get your music on Shazam with RouteNote, all you need to do is select Apple Music on the stores page.

RouteNote’s distribution is free, and always will be. Get your music online today.

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