There are many platforms online that can help with advertising and selling licenses to your beats for other artists to use in there music. You can also benefit from distributing your beats to stores through RouteNote. Here’s how we can help you out.

The following tips depending on the sort of license you’re handing out to artists. Be sure you know exactly what you’re promising artists in terms of how and where they can use and sell your music before implementing any of the below.

  • Distribution to stores: This one is straightforward. Get you music everywhere you can. RouteNote make it simple to distribute your music to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon and many more. The more places you are, the more likely you are to be found.
  • YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Content ID: You can easily select these stores for distribution on RouteNote (when selecting Facebook, your release will also be sent to Instagram). Once these platforms receive you music, they will scourer their site for instances of your track being used. Once a match is found, these videos can be blocked, monitored or monetized. Please note, to be approved for uploading to content ID, you must own all aspects of the track.
  • Shazam: We can help artists get their music on to Shazam at the click of a button. Simply choose ‘iTunes/Apple Music’ in the ‘Manage Stores’ section of your release. As Apple own Shazam, any releases sent to them will automatically be added to Shazam. Shazam will attempt to identify your track, should anyone record a sample with the app.
  • Monetization: A common place for producers to share their latest beats is through SoundCloud & YouTube. We offer monetization on both of these platform, so any uploads can be profitable.
  • Revenue Sharing: Perhaps you and an artist agree terms on use of a beat for a percentage of sales. Should an artist decide to use your beat and upload through RouteNote, we make it super simple to dish out percentages of earnings between accounts.

All of these features are free with RouteNote while you keep 85% of the revenue, or go premium for a small fee and keep 100%. Head over to RouteNote to sign up today.