Music lovers know the joy of finding out crazy facts about your fave tracks or the inspirations that allowed them to happen – WhoSampled’s app takes you deeper than ever with new features.

WhoSampled have prided themselves on being the number one place to find – you guessed it – who sampled a track or which samples are in a track. With the boom of hip-hop more and more people are coming to find the beats that made their favourite tunes sound so dope.

WhoSampled have an app that takes their fascinating database mobile and offers a bunch of extra cool goodies. The app now comes with a subscription option which gives you Shazam style song identification so you can quickly scan whatever you’re listening to and take a deep dive into it’s roots – samples, covers, and remixes.

The new subscription costs just $9.99 for a whole year of song-recognition and all the fascinating knowledge that comes with it. The award-winning app also lets you scan your own libraries in Apple Music, Spotify, and iTunes for samples, covers, and remixes for each song.

WhoSampled application app mobile sample songs scan shazam info

The whole app is full of wicked features:

  • Go on a journey of musical discovery built around your own music collection. Scan your Apple Music, Spotify or iTunes music library and discover amazing connections for the songs in it
  • Identify the music that is playing around you and immediately see its samples, covers and remixes. Available as an in-app subscription for just $9.99 per year (or your currency equivalent)
  • Easy access to the world’s largest and richest database of music DNA, with over 500,000 tracks, 200,000 artists and continuous daily additions. Search for any artist or track even if it is not in your music library
  • Beautiful, ad-free, clean interface. Simple and intuitive navigation makes music exploration easy
  • Compare tracks side-by-side and listen to full‐length tracks, streamed through YouTube (where available), Apple Music (if you are a subscriber) or Spotify (Spotify Premium accounts only). Please note that your iPhone must not be on silent/vibrate mode in order for audio to play
  • “Now Playing” feature – switch from your music player to WhoSampled to discover all the musical connections for the song you’re listening to right now (Apple Music and iTunes only)
  • Highly detailed information on any sample (sample timing, sample type, part sampled) lets you pinpoint where the sample was used and compare it with the original
  • Share your amazing finds with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers
  • Deep and unique music charts that show you trending and top rated content as well as the all-time most influential artists and tracks
  • Engage with the WhoSampled community from within the app; comment on and rate any entry in the WhoSampled database
  • A host of other features and functionality including links to buy tracks from iTunes, personal favorites list plus contextual recommendations from every sample, cover and remix

The WhoSampled app is available on the Apple App Store now for $3.99.