Shazam on desktop?

Does Shazam on Windows exist, and is there a Shazam desktop version for Mac?

What is Shazam music recognition?

Image Credit: Apple If you’re looking for a music recognition app, Shazam has you covered. So how does Shazam work? What is Shazam? Shazam is a free music recognition app that tells you what song is…

Algoriddim djay can now detect tracks with Shazam

You can now mix and identify tracks on the go with the new Algoriddim djay through Shazam.

Can you Shazam a song playing on your phone?

Shazam recognizes music when you’re out in the world – and it’s also easy to Shazam a song on your phone.

The Control Centre Shazam feature has now been used over 1 billion times

More than a billion songs have been identified by Shazam as users enjoy the super-helpful iOS feature.

Wizkid’s ‘Essence’ is the most Shazamed song in the USA

The Nigerian artist Wizkid and his latest release ‘Essence’ has become the most Shazamed song in the United States.

How to upload music to Shazam

Wondering how to get your song on Shazam? With music distribution from RouteNote it’s easy – and free.

1 billion songs recognised on Shazam each month

Apple-owned Shazam is now used to identify a billion songs a month.

Get 5 months of Apple Music for free

Dolly Parton and Shazam are giving away 5-month free trials to Apple Music for new subscribers.

Shazam update and redesigned the iOS app and launch a new web app

Shazam bring their music identification to the web, as well as update the iOS app with a fresh new design, smarter notifications and charts redesign.