Apple’s next big event – the Let Loose keynote – is on the way: Here’s what to expect, when it is, and where you can go to tune in.

Apple have announced a unique event coming on the 7th of May. With little revealed except the title of ‘Let Loose’ and some funky new artwork to ponder, the keynote could reveal anything at this point.

Of course, Apple analysts and experts have their big ideas for what to expect on the 7th May. The event will most likely focus on the new models of the iPad Air and iPad Pro. It’s been a year and a half since Apple last updated their iPad lineup in October 2022. For Apple, that’s a long time without new models.

The next generation of iPad Pros are expected to introduce OLED displays for more vivid darks and lights, as well as the potential for better battery life. They are also expected to bring more processing power with the M3 chip. However, rumours suggest that price increases may come alongside the upgrades.

The iPad Air is predicted to come in two sizes: 10.9-inch and 12.9 inch versions. Numerous rumours contradict each other as to what we can expect from the iPad Air displays, however they seem to suggest that they will stick with LED backlit displays.

The logo which Apple used to announce the ‘Let Loose’ event hinted at an announcement regarding the Apple Pencil. The event’s advertisement features a hand reaching out of a colourful Apple logo, gripping an Apple Pencil to write the event’s title. The big new feature expected here is a “squeeze gesture” which detects different levels of pressure for different actions. Interchangeable tips are also tipped to be on the way.

Other rumours suggest an updated design for Apple’s magic keyboard, more USB-C functionality, and updates to other iPad models. Apple have remained schtum so far and we will have to wait for the event to see if there is more or less on the cards for Apple’s future.

When and where is Apple’s ‘Let Loose’ keynote 2024?

Apple’s ‘Let Loose’ event will be streamed as a live video around the world. People will be able to tune in from wherever they are at 7 A.M. PT/10 A.M. ET on the 7th May. You can add the event to your calendar here.

Whilst the event will be streamed digitally, an accompanying event will be held in London. A surprise departure from their Californian home, a “multi-day gathering for journalists/bloggers/well-know social media content creators in London” will take place in London.

Senior reporter at MacRumors, Joe Rossignol says: “I believe it will be held at Apple Battersea, and there will be hands-on time with new products.” The event is invite-only and not open to the public.