Image Credit: Shazam

A Shazam app update has made it into an app to find concerts, too, bringing tour details to Shazam about your favourite artists.

Music recognition app Shazam has added concert discovery to the app and website. Artists can now add their tour dates through Bandinstown, and users can see when and where their favourite artists are playing a show and find ticket information.

Apple-owned Shazam has made the feature available on iOS and Android. When a song is searched for within the webpage or app, concert information about the artist will appear.

Concert details can also be found on artist pages. If location sharing is enabled, Shazam will point users towards the nearest show.

Oliver Schusser, Apple Vice President for Apple Music and Beats said: “Shazam has a long history of innovation in music discovery and connecting artists and fans. With the re-emergence of live music, we’re excited to give Shazam users access to concerts and bring even more discoverability to artists.”

Any tour information is provided by Bandsintown, and artists can add their own upcoming show details through Bandsintown for Artists.

When you upload to Apple Music for free with RouteNote, your tracks are added to Shazam so people can discover your music wherever they are. Find out more here.