Image Credit: Apple

Don’t stress when Shazam doesn’t work! Follow this guide first.

When you use the Shazam app music that’s playing around you can be identified, wherever you are. Unfortunately, all apps can get buggy from time to time. It’s especially annoying when you want to quickly identify a song that’s playing in a coffee shop or on the radio but then find that the Shazam app isn’t working, and before you know it the track has finished.

When Shazam music search isn’t working, or the app is crashing or won’t open, try these steps to get back up and running.

The first step in troubleshooting Shazam, or any app for that matter, is to relaunch the app. If that doesn’t make a difference, reboot your device. It’s amazing how often that solves the problem.

Next, check you’re running the latest version of your device software and the Shazam app is up to date as well. On Apple devices head to the App Store to check for updates.

It sounds obvious, but make sure you’re connected to the internet. If you’ve limited WiFi or data signal, Shazam might struggle to connect. Sometimes turning off mobile data, waiting a couple of minutes and turning it back on again resets the connection.

There might not be a problem at your end at all. Be sure to check if Shazam is down for everyone. Online status checker websites will notice if there’s an outage, and social media platforms like Twitter are always worth a search.

Now try uninstalling and reinstalling the Shazam app. Tip – offloading the app rather than deleting will keep your data intact.

Still having trouble? The final option is to email app support to get to the bottom of the problem. Shazam is owned by Apple so you’ll want to head to Apple Support and ask your question. As satisfying as it is to solve a problem yourself, sometimes you’ve got to ask the experts.

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