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A look back at the biggest music news in November 2023, including changes to streaming royalties and exciting new things for music creators.

Spotify Wrapped 2023 for listeners and artists

Music lovers’ favourite time of the year is here. Spotify Wrapped brings together all the music you’ve listened to throughout the year for a reflective look at the artists, tracks, and genres who’ve soundtracked your 2023.

Listeners’ Spotify Wrapped is available now within the mobile app and desktop app. It even includes an exclusive Wrapped DJ using Spotify’s new AI DJ tool to commentate on your year in music and provide a selection of tunes you loved alongside some new recommendations.

For artists, you can get your Artist Wrapped experience from Spotify for Artists. It will reveal insights into how people have been listening to your music in 2023.

If you’re not on Spotify then you might still have a chance to look back at your year in music. Deezer’s ‘My Deezer Year’ for 2023 offers a tarot-based insight into your listening whilst Apple have got your Music Replay 2023.

Spotify confirms changes to streaming royalties

After last month’s rumours, Spotify finally confirmed the changes they’ll be introducing to their streaming royalties in November.

They are focusing on 3 key areas to increase pay-outs to artists by tackling other sources of lost revenue. They will be taking a harsher approach on fraud streaming, increasing the royalty threshold for non-musical noise tracks from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and will withhold payments from songs until they’ve been streamed 1,000 times.

Tracks under 1,000 streams will still generate publishing royalties on Spotify. Deezer recently introduced a similar but different set of changes to increase royalties for artists who are engaging with fans. In November, it was confirmed that they are now working with Warner and Universal artists on the new model in France.

YouTube’s new tool creates music from AI versions of artists

Whilst the world discusses the dangers of training AI on real artists and how to protect human music from AI-generated content, YouTube have decided if you can’t beat ’em – join ’em!

Dream Track is a new experimental tool from YouTube that allows users to create AI-generated song snippets using famous artists’ voices and style. These snippets can then legally be used in YouTube Shorts. They’ve partnered with 9 artists to use their voices, including Charlie Puth, Charli XCX, Demi Lovato, and Sia.

The news came alongside new YouTube Premium features powered by AI. Recognising that there are strong concerns about AI, YouTube also published an in-depth statement covering how YouTube will be tackling AI content on their platform. The UK government also began their own discussions around legislating protection for artists in the wake of AI.

RouteNote Create adds MIDI and presets

RouteNote Create have just added MIDI packs and synth presets. The creator platform’s new MIDI packs offer creators unique melodies and rhythms that they can add to their instruments for inspiration and a fresh approach. Downloadable presets offer entirely new soundscapes on 8 favourite synths including Serum and Vital.

RouteNote Create offers a huge catalogue of high-quality samples for producers and beatmakers to explore and expand their tracks with. Now with MIDI packs and synth presets the package is even better for creators. Keep an eye out for more coming from RouteNote Create constantly.

Ableton Live 12 features announced

The next big update for Ableton is on the way and now we know what’s coming, so we can get excited. The major update includes new instruments, effects, and massive changes to the UI and workflow.

We obviously can’t get into all of it here, so head to our article linked below to read about what’s dropping in Ableton Live 12. You can get 20% off of Ableton Live 11 (and other Ableton products) now until the launch of Ableton Live 12, with a free upgrade when it finally releases!

The global value of music shot up in 2022

A new analysis released in November 2023 shows considerable growth in the music industry around the world last year. It found the global value of music copyright had leapt up 14%, a gain worth $5 billlion in US dollars.

UK Music published a report specific to the United Kingdom in November. It revealed that music contributed £6.7 billion to the UK economy in 2022. It was their best year ever for music revenues, but commentators warned not to underestimate the struggles that still exist for smaller artists and industry workers.

Deezer rebrand with a refocused direction for their platform

In November, Deezer got a fresh new fit. Their logo and branding have all changed and a new focus for the brand comes with it, with their fresh tagline announcing ‘Live the music’.

With their new look, they announced that their focus is entirely on the music. Whilst they do offer podcasts, they want to separate themselves from Spotify’s approach which has seen audiobooks and a strong podcast focus push them towards a broader audio service. Deezer on the other hand want to double down their focus on artists and songs.

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