Ableton are offering an enticing discount on their DAW with a free upgrade to Live 12 in the lead up to its release.

Musicians united with their arms raised last week as Ableton Live 12 was announced. The update comes rammed full of features including new instruments, fresh ways to approach MIDI, and an enhanced UI.

Now you can grab yourself an official license for Ableton Live at 20%. They’re offering the discount to all up until Live 12 goes live early next year. Purchases of Ableton Live 11 Intro, Standard, and Suite will include a free upgrade to Live 12 when it launches.

If you need convincing, not only is it cheap access to one of the world’s favourite DAWs. The free upgrade to Live 12 brings 2 new instruments, a new effect module, and 2 versatile new packs.

They’re introducing a bunch of new features that will allow you to get creative with MIDI. Features include immediate variations on your rhythm and melodies with thousands of possibilities. Brand new keys and scales open up entirely new sounds to explore.

Then finally there are a bunch of improvements to the UI and workflow. One of the most significant changes is the option to have Live’s mixer open in Arrangement View. Before, it could only be seen in Session View.

Ableton are also offering 20% off of Push. For an extra special music bundle, you can combine the savings on Push and Live. This makes it a great time to grab both Ableton products if you’ve been waiting for the right time. Or hey, ask someone who really likes you for a musical Christmas present.

A 20% discount is also available for Packs and crossgrades to Max. Speaking of which, Max for Live is also available at a discount. Stock your Ableton licenses whilst you can!

Head to the Ableton site to explore all of the discounts and grab your copy of Live now.