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Rediscover your year in music on YouTube Music 2023 Recap, YouTube’s answer to Spotify Wrapped for music lovers.

YouTube Music have the perfect way to remember the year – through music! Rediscover the hits that have soundtracked your 2023, remembering the forgotten favourites from the start of the year and celebrating the artists who’ve stayed ’til the end.

YouTube Music 2023 Recap is now available for all listeners. Users can find their yearly roundup on both the YouTube Music app and the regular YouTube app, where a dedicated Recap page will show you the stats and insights of your special musical moments in the last year.

How to get your YouTube Music 2023 Recap

Get your year in review with a lookback at the music you’ve listened to and unique experiences on YouTube Music. Here’s how to get your YouTube Music 2023 Recap:

  • Open your YouTube Music or YouTube app
  • Scroll to find your 2023 Recap page on YouTube Music or YouTube
  • Tap on it to swipe through all your memories and customise your shareable cards.

This year, YouTube Music’s Recap has gotten even more special. Here’s what’s new!

Your very own album art

YouTube are bringing together your top musical moods and energy scores from throughout the year to create a colourful mood board. Combined, this presents you with your very own unique album art.

Your custom album art is “an aesthetic that speaks to your year in music”. YouTube say: “If you were an album, this would be the cover.”

youtube music

Match your songs with your mood

YouTube don’t just want to reflect on the music that mattered, but the feels too. Explore your moods through 2023 based on the music that you’ve listened to the most.

Whether it’s the feel good vibes of the summer, or the rainy hangover that followed – YouTube have compiled your top tracks into unique moodlists.

youtube music

Pair your own photos with your top songs

Personalise your favourite songs of the year with your very own images from Google Photos. Blending your musical memories with what you’ve done throughout the year.

Shuffle and customise your photos to create a unique visual paired with your top songs. Your YouTube Music 2023 Recap lets you authentically recreate the moments where music soundtracked your life with these visual memories.

These memories are completely shareable, to remember them with the people who joined us along the way.

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Happy 2023 Recapped! See you again next year.

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