The wait is over: MIDI packs and synth presets are now available in your your RouteNote Create subscription!

Until now, RouteNote Create has solely provided royalty-free samples for you to use in your music as you please. Spanning the whole spectrum of electronic music genres, RouteNote Create samples include drums, basses, instruments, synthesizers and miscellaneous sound effects.

Now, we’re delighted to announce that MIDI packs and synth presets are joining the family, spanning the same field of electronic styles and providing you with more creative tools and sources of inspiration.

What MIDI packs are available?

Offering you affordable yet professional tools is RouteNote Create’s mission. Now, in the name of making music creation simpler and more accessible, RouteNote Create’s new MIDI packs include:

  1. Chord progressions

    Any synth or software instrument will break out into musical phrases with full chord progressions. Whether you make your own adjustments via your MIDI keyboard to the progressions or leave them as is, you’ll be a few steps closer to finishing your composition.
  2. Melodies

    Of course, we couldn’t offer MIDI packs and leave melodies out of the equation. Drag any MIDI melody into your DAW and get creative!
  3. Rhythms

    Finally, RouteNote Create offers rhythm packs for instant inspiration with any drum or bass guitar plugin instrument.

Simply drag & drop any MIDI file into your DAWs Arrangement window and get stuck in!

What synth presets are available?

This one is for you, sound designers. Learning synthesis takes time and different soft synths have different learning curves. Some take more time to learn than others, so getting started with synth presets gives you a leg up.

We’ll be adding presets for additional synthesizers when we receive them. For now, RouteNote Create is offering presets for the following software synthesizers:

  1. Diva
  2. Massive
  3. Phase Plant
  4. Pigments
  5. Serum
  6. Sprire
  7. Sylenth1
  8. Vital

How many credits do MIDI packs and presets cost on Create?

Democratizing access to professional sounds remains RouteNote Create’s mission. That’s why all samples, MIDI packs and presets cost minimal credits.

  1. Samples: 1 credit
  2. MIDI Packs: 2 credits
  3. Synth preset: 3 credits

How much is a RouteNote Create subscription?

There are four monthly subscription tiers available with RouteNote Create. Each tier allows you to save & share collections and provides you with credits for 100% royalty-free samples, MIDI packs, and synth presets that you can download and keep forever.

  1. $2.99 (100 credits)
  2. $5.99 (300 credits)
  3. $9.99 (600 credits)
  4. $14.99 (2000 credits)

Why use RouteNote Create?

  1. All samples, presets and MIDI packs are royalty-free and you can keep them forever even if you cancel your subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  2. Users of every subscription tier can access the same sounds, sample packs, MIDI Packs and presets.
  3. Every tier gives you access to sounds by renowned sample makers such as SoundironTrakTrainGlitchedtonesDatacode and many more from numerous genres with an affordable subscription of $2.99 a month.

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