Spotify’s Artist Wrapped brings together all the special moments of your year as an artist on the world’s favourite music streaming service.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The leaves are falling, the trees are being baubled, and we get to look back at what made the year special for your music with Spotify’s Artist Wrapped experience.

Log in to your Spotify for Artists site to find your Artist Wrapped experience. Available in 37 languages, the experience gives you a snapshot of how fans connected with your music in 2023. Post unique share cards on your social pages to spread the positivity and thank your fans for the milestones you hit together this year.

Your artist cards bring together your streaming data, including new listener discoveries. This reveals the number of listeners who heard you for the very first time in 2023. There’s a highlight showing their top 3 concert hot spots, where fans bought the most tickets. Then to show just how obsessed your fans are, check out the average time your superfans spent listening to your music.

Wrapped Listening Parties offer a second chance to speak to your fans personally. These live audio experiences connect you with fans around the world. Wrapped Listening Parties are available to top fans of a select group of artists.


A second share card shows fan engagement. It includes the number of saves and playlists of your tracks. It also reveals how many people had you as a top artist. These are presented in shareable cards, allowing you to celebrate with your fans across your social pages.

Songwriters with a Songwriter Page on Spotify get an exclusive Artist Wrapped experience. Songwriter Wrapped gives you a chance to shout out the artists you’ve collaborated with this year and celebrate your favourite producers you’ve worked with.

Spotify Wrapped for fans

Spotify’s Wrapped is a momentous time of year, bringing together music lovers all around the world to celebrate their love of good tunes. It’s also a fantastic way for artists and fans to connect, highlighting those listeners who appreciate you more than any other.

As such, Spotify have expanded Wrapped for artists this year. They offered artists the chance to record a video thanking their superfans. They are also integrating merch and concerts into Wrapped, boosting sales with special offers to artists’ top listeners.

Spotify saw record merchandise sales through their platform during last year’s Wrapped. To make the most of that hype, artists in the US and Canada were able to reward top fans in those territories with exclusive discounts to top fans.

Spotify Wrapped brings together all of a listener’s favourite music based on their listening data from the year. Spotify’s Artist Wrapped brings all those listeners together to show specifically how they’ve engaged with your music in the last year.

Get your music on Spotify for free and gain access to your Spotify for Artists, connect with millions of listeners, and reflect on your year with Spotify’s Artist Wrapped. You can upload all of your music to Spotify for no charge at