Get your year in streaming recapped with Apple Music Replay, their version of the popular Spotify Wrapped.

Spotify users don’t have all the fun with Spotify Wrapped 2023. Listeners on Apple Music can get their Apple Music Replay.

Apple Music Replay is a wrap-up of listeners favourite music throughout the year. It’s available now and is, in fact, available year-round so that you can get your year in reflection as soon as 2 weeks into the year.

The Apple Music Replay site features a breakdown of how much music you’ve listened to and your favourite artists. The site offers playlists based on your listening for the year. The 2023 Replay playlist is available now.

To get your Replay playlist on iOS and iPadOS click this link:

Using a desktop browser, that same link will take you to the full site where you can view your full stats for the year. It’s not quite as exciting as Spotify Wrapped but offers an enjoyable look-back if you are an Apple Music listener.

Spotify Wrapped presents a much-more interactive experience for listeners. Their slides feature a bunch of visual insights and highlights. This year, they’re making Wrapped more interactive between artists and fans.

Wrapped are integrating merch into Wrapped to encourage sales with exclusive discounts for top fans. Spotify have also allowed artists to record a short video thanking their top listeners that shows on the Wrapped of superfans.