Materializing after almost six years since its first announcement, Behringer’s long-awaited Oberheim OB-X8 replica has finally arrived after months of speculation and anticipation.

Behringer has introduced the UB-Xa, a new replica of the beloved Oberheim OB-X8. So much buzz has been in the air amongst sound designers and music producers alike, and this past week finally saw the unveiling of the much anticipated UB-Xa.

The OB-X8’s legacy includes some of the most iconic hits of the ’80s. Its long history of artists includes Rush’s Geddy Lee, The Police, Prince, Queen, and Van Halen. The original OB-X8 is even used in Brad Fiedel’s iconic Terminator and Queen’s Flash Gordon themes.

A Vintage Soul with Modern Ambitions

Behringer‘s UB-Xa is a comprehensive resurrection of the OB-Xa’s growling, sizzling character enriched with modern features.

Catering to those with a taste for nostalgia and warm harmonic tones, the UB-Xa bridges the gap between the past and the present with its velocity-sensitive 61-key keyboard, after-touch sensitivity and robust MIDI support.

In addition to its 61-key semi-weighted full-size keyboard, the UB-Xa also boasts 26 hardware rotary controls, an LCD display for parameter feedback as well a comprehensive MIDI implementation.

Behringer’s replica houses CEM3340 chip reproductions from Cool Audio that power its VCF and VCOs with oscillator sync and PWM parameters. A 16-voice analog polyphonic engine with bi-timbral playability powers the UB-Xa, allowing you to split or layer two sounds and shape large, evocative soundscapes.

The UB-Xa faithfully recreates all of the OB-Xa’s original factory patches while offering more expressive performances than its predecessor with a dual-layer arpeggiator and sequencer. The new synth still nevertheless offers a choice of eight vintage modes that each deliver distinct sonic characters.

Behringer UB-Xa: features

  • Vintage mode: Select from 8 synthesizer signatures, including OB-Xa and OB-8, for an authentic retro experience.
  • 16 voices: Featuring 2 VCOs per voice with oscillator sync mode, delivering a rich and dynamic sound palette.
  • Multi-timbral capability: Split or layer two different sounds, offering flexibility and sonic depth.
  • Authentic reproduction: VCOs and VCFs based on the original 3340 and 3320 semiconductor designs for a faithful recreation.
  • Poly after-touch keyboard: 61 semi-weighted full-size keys with poly after-touch and velocity sensitivity for expressive performance.
  • Modulation Matrix: An expansive 8-channel modulation matrix for pushing sonic boundaries.
  • Dual-Layer arpeggiator and sequencer: Real-time sequence transpose and expressive control options.
  • Comprehensive connectivity: MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE), CV/pedal inputs, and fully servo-balanced outputs for seamless integration into any setup.


The OB-Xa once played a pivotal role in shaping the sonic landscapes of the 80s.

Behringer’s new UB-Xa’s warmth and character of a bygone era and modern enhancements mean it stands as a testament to Behringer’s commitment to delivering an authentic gateway bridge to the legendary sounds of the Oberheim OB-Xa.

With its price tag of $1,499, those who have waited six years have had plenty of time to save up. It’s not exactly an accessible price tag but I guess it’s the cost of powerful enhancements on an already legendary synth.