RouteNote Soundcloud Network Now Open to All Artists: Make Money From Your Music on Soundcloud

RouteNote is pleased to announce that our Soundcloud Network is now live for all RouteNote artists. Artists are now able to monetize their music on Soundcloud and receive additional branding benefits.

RouteNote Soundcloud Network includes:

  • No lock-in forever – You can leave at any time
  • Revenue share of 85% to the channel owners
  • Access to Premium features like Geotargetting, scheduling and more.
  • Full Transparency – You can see all real-time stats in your Soundcloud account
  • Better rights management
  • You always keep 100% ownership
  • Free Pro Unlimited accounts
  • Verification and VIP access to better Branding Options

How Do I Join The Soundcloud Network:

  1. Login to your RouteNote account
  2. Go To > Soundcloud Page
  3. Add Your Soundcloud Channel URL (s)
  4. Once your Channel is accepted you are able to add your Soundcloud Track URLs and see Soundcloud in your Manage Stores page for each release

Take a look at the Soundcloud User Guide for more details.

Please Note: You are only able to monetize your own music on your own Soundcloud channel.

Im your friendly RouteBot. Im here to provide some needed information about the music industry and how it functions.

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