Share your latest creations as soon as they’re recorded, produced and mixed direct to SoundCloud with FL Studio uploads.

SoundCloud have just added FL Studio to the list of programmes you can directly upload music from. This makes them the only streaming service that is integrated into every major DAW for seamless creation and release.

FL Studio joins GarageBand, Ableton, Logic, and other Digital Audio Workstations that allows users to upload direct from the program. Once you’ve created, recorded, produced, edited and mixed your music it’s as simple as clicking a button in the menu to add it to your SoundCloud profile.

To upload straight from FL Studio:

  1. From FL Studio, select the “Upload to cloud” option from your Audio Export menu
  2. Click “Connect with SoundCloud” to link your SoundCloud account
  3. Add your track title and description, then choose your privacy settings and file format
  4. Press “Start” to begin uploading directly to your SoundCloud page 

SoundCloud proudly claim: “We accept more file formats than anywhere else, so you can upload from FL Studio in lossless HD for safekeeping and download again whenever you want from SoundCloud. It’s that simple. And that’s what we aim for: making it easier for you to build a career in music and providing the tools to do so.”