Looking for new soul music artists and top new R&B songs? Start 2023 right by listening to these 6 soul musicians on the rise.

It’s time to fill your playlists with artists releasing R&B and new soul with lyrics that will help tend to broken hearts and embolden besotted ones.

These six rising R&B-soul artists take inspiration from influences like jazz, classic noughties R&B, their own family heritage, and old school funk. Keep an eye on them in 2023!

Fana Hues

Fana Hues bottles the sun of her native California in her voice and into her music, that glides from neo-soul to R&B with an underbelly of hiphop. She’s been steadily rising since her 2020 debut album – check out her new album flora + fana, a collection of songs with a sensual groove and funky undertones.


Londoner Tora-i writes thoughtful songs anchored by early noughties R&B chomping beats. With an visual artist’s flair for the beautiful as well as sonic vibes, she’ll keep gathering fans around the world in 2023.

Beckah Amani

Beckah Amani’s debut EP April gives a fantastic introduction to the Tasmania-based singer’s soulful folk-pop. Gentle acoustic beginnings give way to beats laced with West African influences, reflecting her Burundian heritage – give “Lebeka Leka” a spin, and watch out for Amani’s next moves off the back of her first Australian tour.


Combining gospel, soul and pop, JERUB has a soaring voice filled with heart. After taking a break in 2022, the Nottingham artist is returning to music and facing the year with new focus.


Essex singer Chrissi has been rising through the indie R&B scene since 2020. Her track “Stickwitu”  sounds like early era Adele, whilst “Lipo” hums with attitude, and songs like “Back In The Day” are heavy with romantic yearning.

Tara Lily

Tara Lily’s music is adorned with Bengali music, along with jazz and soul, and laced with electronic music. The first British signing to Motown Records UK, she gathers her influences from whatever global sounds catch her ear. Watch out for where that will take her in 2023.

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