Image Credit: SoundCloud

Last year, like Spotify Wrapped, Soundcloud Playback gave users the chance to replay their most streamed songs. But where is SoundCloud Playback 2022? Get yours here.

SoundCloud look a while this year to announce the whereabouts of SoundCloud Playback, its version of Wrapped for 2022. Users, who love to share their personalised year recap playlist with each other, were understandably annoyed.

Impatient for an official announcement, beady-eyed SoundCloud users realised that all you needed to do to find your SoundCloud Playback is take last year’s URL and change the year.

SoundCloud then revealed that your SoundCloud Playback is still a thing. Eventually.

How to see your 2022 SoundCloud Playback


To find your yearly replay of your top songs on SoundCloud, hit this link:

2022 Playback is a simple playlist – none of the flashiness of Spotify Wrapped here, but you can still share with your friends and compare your top music of the year.

Wrapped 2022 is one of the hottest events of the year for music streaming, so its strange that SoundCloud wouldn’t try and replicate the hype in the same manner as YouTube Music Recap.

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