SoundCloud have taken note of one of Spotify’s most popular features, their personalised and regularly updated Discover Weekly playlists.

Over 3 years ago Spotify launched a playlist for everyone that changed music discovery for a lot of people and is still helping people find their new favourite artists every week. In less than a year the playlist racked up 5 billion track streams from 40 million different users and other streamers have been trying to copy it since.

The playlist used machine learning based on listeners tastes from around the world and offered up 30 songs that Spotify thinks listeners would like based on their activity. SoundCloud are following suit 3 years later with the launch of their SoundCloud Weekly playlist.

SoundCloud has a massive library of music content from the biggest artists in the world all the way down to undiscovered bedroom producers who’ve just completed their first mix. Such a large and varied platform can make it hard to discover music amongst the 180 million tracks to choose from, so SoundCloud are going to present you songs to discover based on what you like.

SoundCloud say: “We know many of you love the thrill of the hunt – going down a musical rabbit hole and uncovering new tracks and artists to love. But sometimes, you may want great music delivered to you auto-magically with no searching required. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of SoundCloud Weekly: your personalised discovery playlist connecting you with more creators and more music than ever before, with just one button to push.”

Updated every Monday, SoundCloud Weekly also uses algorithms based on music you’ve listened to, liked, reposted, and shared to find it’s offerings that they think you will like best. You can find your own SoundCloud Weekly playlist at the top of your home screen in the iOS and Android apps or in the Discover tab on the website. If it’s not showing up for you, you might need to get liking and listening so SoundCloud know enough to recommend you some new tunes.