Shazam on desktop?

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Does Shazam on Windows exist, and is there a Shazam desktop version for Mac?

Is there a Shazam for PC? No – the Shazam app also isn’t available to download to PC. It’s Mac and mobile-only.

And whilst Mac users can use the Shazam for browser version, you can’t Shazam a song directly from the Shazam website on a Windows computer. Instead, you’ll have to download the Shazam app on Android phone or iOS device.

Shazam website on PC

Download Shazam – Mac only

If you’re a Mac user, you can download the Shazam app from the Apple Store for free. Once downloaded, you can activate Shazam from the icon on the right of the Menu Bar and the app will listen out for any music.

As soon as a track is identified you’ll be directed to the Shazam website to for more information about the artist and to hear a preview of the song. On you can also view music charts of the most Shazamed tracks around the world.

Shazam website on Mac

As Shazam is Apple-owned, you’ll of course be prompted to listen to the whole track on Apple Music. Apple Music users can connect their account, and songs will play in full in Shazam.

Can Shazam find background music?

Shazam not only listens to music in the outside world – on the radio or television, and so on – but can also identify songs playing in different apps on your Mac, should you be watching a music video on YouTube or hear a song on Netflix.

Shazam app history

At the time of writing you can head to My Library on to see your Shazam history. That’s set to change:

Shazam library tracks

You’ll soon need the Shazam mobile app to see your old Shazams.

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