Shazam Artist Verification Now Available To All Artists

This summer Shazam launched their verified-artists program which allowed, initially, 30 of the world’s top artists to publish Shazams and share their music discovery with fans and followers.

Now Shazam has announced that it will be opening the program up for everyone from chart-topping artists to underground favourites. Head of Music, Peter Szabo, says: “Our verified artists now have over a billion followers on Shazam.”

Verified artists on Shazam work similarly to verified pages on Twitter in that a verified profile will feature a blue and white (or black and white) tick. When looking at an artists profile you will be able to see top tracks by that artist, tracks that artist has recently shazamed and you can also click a heart under a song to show that you like it too.

Becoming a verified Shazam artist is as simple as going to and filling out an incredibly short form. The process is made a lot easier if you already have a verified Twitter page that you can send them to.


Since Apple bought out Shazam this feature is no longer available and seems to be integrated into their artist platform: Apple Music for Artists.

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