How to upload music to Shazam

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Wondering how to get your song on Shazam? With music distribution from RouteNote it’s easy – and free.

Shazam, the song recognition app, is a great discovery and promotional tool for artists – but how do you get your music on Shazam, so listeners can search for your song?

Shazam lets people identify tracks when out and about, using their phone. They might like the sound of the song and want to find more music by the artist, or have heard it somewhere before and just can’t quite place the name of the tune.

Artists can’t upload music to Shazam alone. You need a music distributor like RouteNote. We get songs on Shazam for free.

When you upload your songs to RouteNote you can choose to make them findable on Shazam. Shazam doesn’t have its own store on RouteNote so to make your music searchable on Shazam simply select Apple Music when you upload your tracks, as the application is owned by Apple.

When someone uses Shazam to scan for your song it takes listeners to the song page, where they can learn more about your music and find where to stream your songs online.

Shazam is also a brilliant way to get real-life data on your music – when someone Shazams your song, you know they’ve heard it somewhere out in the world and were curious enough to want to discover more about the track and its artist.

Put your songs on Shazam for free today, as well as on streaming sites like Spotify and social media platforms like TikTok. Head here to find out more.

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