Your handy guide on what monetization on SoundCloud is, how to enable it and the benefits of being part of RouteNote’s SoundCloud Network.

Monetization on SoundCloud is the process of earning money from plays on your SoundCloud tracks. This is via ads placed on or around your uploads.

Why monetize through RouteNote?

  • It’s free – no one-time fee, recurring subscription or premium SoundCloud account required. Payment works in the same way as all of our stores. Free distribution/monetization allows you to keep 85% of the revenue, while RouteNote Premium allows you to keep 100% of the revenue for a small fees.
  • Free SoundCloud Unlimited account – as soon as we’ve monetized one of your tracks, you will gain unlimited uploads for that SoundCloud profile. Please note this isn’t a Pro Unlimited account.
  • No lock-in – You always remain in full control of your music with 100% ownership. You can leave when ever you want.
  • Detailed RouteNote statistics – Our statistics give you monthly track-by-track, store-by-store, country-by-country breakdown of earnings.
SoundCloud Benefits

How do I monetize my SoundCloud tracks?

  • Distribute – You must distribute all of the tracks you wish to monetize with RouteNote. You need to make sure SoundCloud is ticked in the stores selection page. It’s up to you whether you distribute to our other partner stores. As with all RouteNote uploads, you must have the rights to the tracks you’re uploading. For example if you’re releasing a remix, you must have permission from the original artist.
  • Enabling your SoundCloud profile – You need to tell us and SoundCloud that you’d like your profiles to work with one another. This only needs to be done once for each account. Login to RouteNote and head to Management – under the SoundCloud tab. Simply enter your SoundCloud profile URL and hit ‘Submit’. This will take up to two working days for us to enable, we’ll drop you an email to let you know when your account is ‘Active’.
Enabling your SoundCloud profile
  • Clearing tracks – The process of clearing tracks in RouteNote, means linking your RouteNote tracks with your SoundCloud URLs. Once your account is ‘Active’, on the same Management page you’ll see a list of tracks you’ve distributed through RouteNote under the heading ‘Not Cleared for Monetizing’. Copy and paste the corresponding SoundCloud URL, tick the box and click ‘Update’. You can monetize multiple tracks at once. This will move the tracks to ‘Cleared for Monetizing’ and let us know which tracks you’d like linked with which URLs. Our SoundCloud team will forward this info to SoundCloud who’ll turn on monetization. This can take up to two weeks for SoundCloud to process, from the date of clearing or RouteNote approval (which ever comes last).
Clearing tracks
  • Checking your tracks are monetized – Login to your SoundCloud account and head to the track you’d like to check. If you see a blue dollar symbol and ‘This track is monetizing’ below your track, you’re set and earning revenue for every stream.
This track is monetizing
  • To see a full breakdown of all of your tracks monetization status, click your username in the top right corner, then ‘Tracks’. The blue dollar symbols beside your tracks indicates montization is turned on. Grey shows it’s not yet monetized.
SoundCloud - Tracks

It’s been over 14 days since I cleared my tracks and they’re not monetized.

Drop our SoundCloud team an email. We’ll investigate your account and give SoundCloud a nudge if they’ve been lost in transit. Be sure to include your track ISRC (this can be found on the SoundCloud Management page on RouteNote) and SoundCloud track URL.

How do I ensure monetization is switch on by release day?

We can turn monetization on for private or scheduled tracks. Just clear the link in the usual way, remove the secret extension at the end of the URL (the random characters after the track name in the URL). Then email to let us know the track you’ve cleared is private and not an invalid link.

Track visuals, featured profiles & clickable banners

Please note, track visuals, ‘Featured profiles’ and clickable banners are all features we used to offer, but have since been discontinued. If you have featured profiles on your account that you’d like removed, let us know. We’ll keep you updated if these features are reinstated for our SoundCloud Network.

Revoke from our SoundCloud Network

If you’d like us to unlink your profile from our SoundCloud Network, drop us an email and we’ll get this sorted out ASAP.

Full information on our SoundCloud Network can be found here.

For any questions, don’t be afraid to get in touch at