Highlights from SoundCloud’s Player One gaming tournament

SoundCloud have provided the highlights from their first-ever live streamed Fortnite tournament, held on February 18.

Streamed on Twitch and Facebook, SoundCloud Player One was hosted by SoundCloud artist and gamer Rico Nasty, with commentator Goldenboy. Taking part in the tournament were 7 other SoundCloud artists-turned-gamers Gxx, whiterosemoxie, Shaylin B, bbno$, Jaywall, DC The Don and Chevy Woods.

DC The Don ended up taking the Player One championship. SoundCloud provided these highlights from the tournament:

  • Post-battle player interviews, sponsored by Adobe, conducted by Rico Nasty and Goldenboy
  • A sweeping “You Got Dusted” recap segment highlighting the best gameplays, sponsored by Swiffer
  • The tournament garnered over 700K views
  • The debut of our SoundCloud World in Fortnite Creative (use the code 3428-5629-8391 to play for yourself)
  • Rico Nasty’s explosive halftime show
  • Shaylin B holding it down for the ladies
  • Surprise giveaways for viewers, including tournament swag and free Pro Unlimited subscriptions

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