Spotify are making some changes to artist stats, removing the Source of Streams tab and the ‘since 2015’ filter.

Spotify have announced that they are “sunsetting” the Source of Streams tab from Spotify for Artists stats. Instead, artists, labels, and managers will be able to explore the source of streams on their music as a filter on the Audience overview tab.

Under the Music overview and Release overview pages, Spotify will also be removing the ‘since 2015’ filters for stats. It will be replaced by an ‘All Time’ filter that will allow you to check your streaming data all the way back through Spotify’s stats for your music.

To ensure you don’t lose any data that is important to you in the process, Spotify recommend you download a CSV of your historical data by December 31st:

  1. Head to the Songs overview tab
  2. Click the download button
  3. You’ll get a .CSV file with the Listeners, Streams, and Followers you had on each day going as far back as the data does

The changes seem to be due to implementation of the data retention policy in Spotify’s stats that they can keep and share. Head to Spotify for Artists to download your data now before the changes. Spotify will also remind you with a banner in your Spotify for Artists dashboard closer to the date.