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Get paid for your tracks every time they’re listened to on SoundCloud with RouteNote whether they’re listening for free with ads or they’re a SoundCloud Go subscriber.

SoundCloud Go launched a few years ago to expand upon the community-built platform with more opportunity for both artists and listeners. SoundCloud Go and Go+ offer listeners full ad-free access to more than 135 million tracks, from the millions of user-uploaded songs to the studio recordings from the biggest artists in the world.

With RouteNote you can make money from all of your tracks on SoundCloud when they’re listened to by Go subscribers as well as when free listeners stream your tracks.

Get unlimited uploads and earn money on SoundCloud with RouteNote

Joining our SoundCloud Network upgrades your SoundCloud profile so that you can upload unlimited tracks without paying a penny. This means you can upload your entire discography and any new tracks that you create with no limits.

Once your part of our SoundCloud Network you can monetize all of your tracks and earn cash every time they’re played. Even if your release hasn’t come out yet, you can set it up with RouteNote so that when it becomes available for users to listen to, you’re earning from the very first play.

How to join RouteNote’s SoundCloud Network

Joining our SoundCloud network and monetizing your music is both free and simple. Follow the steps below to begin your journey towards making money off of your music on one of the world’s most popular music platforms.

Upload your music to RouteNote for free

First you’ll need to create a free RouteNote account. Once your account is set up you can upload any of your tracks to us for distribution. Make sure to select SoundCloud as a store as you’re uploading so that the track is made available in your RouteNote SoundCloud section once it’s approved.

You can also select any of our other partners for distribution of your music and release your music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon, TIDAL, JioSaavn, Pandora, and many more.

Activate your SoundCloud account on RouteNote

Whilst your logged in to your account, head to the SoundCloud tab at the top of the RouteNote website. This will take you to your hub for monetizing your tracks on SoundCloud and is where you can add your SoundCloud profiles.

Add the URL for any SoundCloud channels that you own and manage and our team will approve it for monetization.

Monetize your SoundCloud tracks

Once the track(s) that you want to monetize have been approved and your SoundCloud channel(s) have been connected to your RouteNote account it’s time to make it happen. Head to your SoundCloud home on RouteNote and you’ll see a list of your tracks which are eligible for monetization.

Paste the URL of your track as it appears on SoundCloud next to where it appears on your RouteNote management page. If your track hasn’t been released yet you can still monetize it in advance. Simply take the link and paste it into your RouteNote management page as usual but remove the secret extension for the URL. These will be random characters after the track name.

Start earning on SoundCloud

Once your links have been added we’ll get your track monetized on SoundCloud ready for every stream. You’ll know your track has been monetized when you see a blue dollar symbol underneath it.

Your streaming statistics will be added to your RouteNote account 45 days after the end of each month. When your account has reached the $50 threshold we’ll pay all of your earnings into your linked payment profile.

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