Releasing your music on Spotify is free and easy with a distributor like RouteNote. You can get going quickly and start making money from your music on Spotify straight away.

Can I earn from Spotify? Yes – when you upload your music using RouteNote’s free distribution service, you’ll immediately start earning royalties whenever someone streams your songs on Spotify.

With RouteNote’s free distribution option you keep 85% of all revenue earned when people listen to your music. There’s no hidden fees and you keep all the rights to your music, so you’re always in control.

RouteNote Premium meanwhile costs an upfront fee and small yearly payments, and in return you keep 100% of all earnings from people spinning your tracks.

Whilst the amount paid out per stream varies depending on factors like whether the user uses Spotify Premium or the freemium version, Spotify also offers fantastic promotional opportunities for you as an artist.

Make sure you use Spotify for Artists to track your stats, work hard and promote your music to get added to playlists, and your release will gain momentum. Check out the tools from our partners over at, too, and maximise your music marketing to make sure your tracks reach as many people as possible.

RouteNote offers unlimited uploads to Spotify for free. Your tracks can also be distributed to all the other major streaming services and stores, including the likes of Apple Music and Tidal, as well as being made available for people to use in social media posts on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

RouteNote covers over 90% of the market. That’s a real global reach for your music – and more plays means more royalties earned. We also get your songs on YouTube, the internet’s go-to place for discovering new music. It’s as simple as selecting the stores when you upload your music.

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