Image Credit: Spotify

Spotify’s Back to Live initiative aims to give artists the tools they need to safely and successfully return to playing live music after pandemic restrictions lift.

Spotify for Artists has announced some useful tools to help artists booking shows again in 2021. When COVID-19 shut down music venues, artists around the world lost not only a vital source of income but an important in-person link to their fans. Now, in places like the US and UK, things are starting to open up again.

Artists are beginning to book and play shows for the first time in a year and a half. Some are raring to go whilst other artists are more nervous about going back to playing gigs. Will anyone show up? Will too many people show up?

Recognising this, Spotify has announced the roll out of tools and resources to help artists safely get back into the swing of playing live. Check out some of the new Spotify for Artists features below.

Concerts Hub

Spotify is moving the Concerts Hub to the Home screen of the platform to put shows centre-stage. Here users can find personalised concert information by location and their most-listened to artists.

In-app messaging will also guide users to the Hub for extra promotion of gigs.

COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Program

A big source of worry around playing live again is safety at venues, for both artists and fans. Spotify says it’s working to share accurate information around vaccines to try and combat vaccine hesitancy through education. That includes in-app notifications and billboards.

Promo Cards
Image Credit: Spotify

Promo Cards can now be used to advertise tours and show where artists are playing next. Artists can select “Live show” as a focus and download a Live Promo Card to share on their socials, to let everyone know they’re back on the road.

Co.Lab event series, videos, podcasts

A Back to Live Col.Lab event series is due to launch this summer, highlighting the experience of touring artists as they resume life on the road. There’ll be advice on Spotify’s social media and blog too.

The Co.Lab events from Spotify for Artists generally focus on artists networking and sharing advice with each other, as well as getting career advice from industry experts.

Fans First
Image Credit: Spotify

Since 2017 marketing program Fans First has let artists connect to their most dedicated Spotify fans, alerting them to unique offers like presales and merchandise.

After pausing last March, Fans First returned in June 2021 and, anticipating a rush of pent-up demand, will expand to run 35% more pre-sale campaigns than back in the “normal times” of 2019.

More resources will be launched over the next few months. The extra effort by Spotify into promoting live performances and reassuring fans that it’s safe to return to concerts will hopefully make the transition into playing shows less stressful for everyone involved, so artists and fans can focus on getting hyped for the return to live.

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