The best of folk, traditional, world, sertanejo music, folk-pop, indie folk, new Americana, Regional Mexican and more playlists on Spotify.

This list is partially based on Chartmetric’s genre tags for each of Spotify’s playlists.

1. Esquenta Sertanejo

Genres: Sertanejo Pop

5.94 million likes

2. Top Brasil

Genres: Sertanejo Pop

5.85 million likes

3. This Is Ed Sheeran

Genres: Singer/Songwriter

4.84 million likes

4. Rock en Español

Genres: Latin Alternative

3.89 million likes

5. Your Favorite Coffeehouse

Genres: Folk-Pop, Indie Folk, New Americana

3.87 million likes

6. Acoustic Covers

Genres: Folk-Pop

3.70 million likes

7. Relax & Unwind

Genres: Folk-Pop, Indie Folk, Stomp And Holler

3.66 million likes

8. Los Que Mandan

Genres: Regional Mexican

2.79 million likes

9. Top 50 – Brazil

Genres: Sertanejo Pop

2.72 million likes

10. Run Wild

Genres: Indie Folk, Stomp and Holler, New Americana

2.42 million likes