Image credit: KOONG

KOONG is a streaming service similar to Soundcloud that allows users to upload their own music to the platform.

KOONG has officially launched and is available to musicians and music fans across the globe, over 3 million users have already logged in. 

The streaming service, similar to Soundcloud has a self-upload function where musicians who write and compose may register their own work to stream. In addition to this, the revenue of the copyrighted content servicing on the platform is distributed transparently to ensure the musician’s rights. It’s yet another outlet for independent musicians to get their music heard, earn royalties, and remain in total control. 

Artists may set their own prices for their own work, with KOONG keeping 80% of the revenue, 5% going to events/concerts that require equipment and other costs, and the rest goes into marketing fees. 

Similar to Soundcloud, KOONG is trying to create an artist-led future, putting power and control into their hands. Not to mention transparency and fairness when it comes to earning money from their creative output. If you’re a musician and want to distribute through Soundcloud and get paid you can do so via our services at RouteNote. It’s super easy and stress-free, all you need to do is create a RouteNote account, choose which track you want distributing, wait for the approval and you’re off. You get to keep 85% of your royalties with no extra costs or hidden fees, RouteNote is a totally free service. In addition to distributing to Soundcloud, you will also be able to distribute with our many partners, which include Spotify, Apple Music, and many more. 

If you distribute through RouteNote you will also maintain 100% of the rights, meaning that as an artist you’ll maintain complete and total control, allowing you to use services such as KOONG