How to use your Spotify for Artists dashboard

There are a number of options for your music when it comes time to export. But what is really the difference between lossless and lossy audio?

Getting your music on Spotify is easier than ever with RouteNote. Once you’ve uploaded your music for free and it has been sent to Spotify, you can take control over your artist profile for customisation options and also gain access to real-time insights about your streaming performance.

We have a series of articles that you can read to get started on Spotify for Artists and make your page unique to you.

Customise your artist bio

Tell your story. A brief bio lets new listeners discover what you’re all about and follow your journey so far. Your artist bio is the perfect opportunity to connect with fans.

Add your own artist image

A unique image sums up who you are in a single visual. Customise your image to represent you and it will appear when users search your artist name and appear on your artist page.

How to get verified

Verify your artist page to get that neat blue tick which shows everyone you are the real deal. 

Select an Artist Pick

Your Artist Pick is your chance to feature a release at the very forefront of your artist page. Select your own latest release or choose something that you’ve been listening to and want to share – it’s your choice.

Sell your merchandise

Add a store section where dedicated listeners can buy your merch. From band t-shirts to physical copies of your releases, it’s a great chance to reach the people who really care about your music and make some more money.

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