Alongside allowing anyone with at least 600 followers to host a Space, Twitter also introduce ticketed Spaces, co-hosting, scheduling and more.

Launched in April last year, social audio app Clubhouse rose to popularity earlier this year as celebrities such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg made appearances on the app. Currently, the platform is invite-only, only on iOS and rooms are limited to up to 5,000 people. These limitations are due to the small company’s resources, but have lead to a tight-knit community feel around the app. As Clubhouse test bringing the app to Android, many platforms have shown interest in adding similar audio-only room features onto their own services such as Facebook, Reddit, Spotify and Twitter with Spaces.

Twitter Spaces were introduced to all Twitter users in December last year on iOS and Android, with no limit on the number of people in a Space. This instantly opened up a Clubhouse-like experience to millions of more users. Active Spaces from those you follow appear at the top of your Twitter feed. Yesterday in a thread, Twitter announced they were opening up the feature, allowing anyone with 600 or more followers to host a Space.

The thread goes on to share details of additional features Twitter are working on. This includes:

  • Ticketed Spaces
  • Co-hosting
  • Scheduling
  • More block labels + warnings
  • Improved captions
Ticketed Spaces

This will allow creators to charge a fee for a limited amount of tickets. Ticketed Spaces give creators the ability to monetize their room and lets audiences support their favourite creators for access to exclusive content. The host can set the fee and quantity of tickets available.

This comes after Twitter also announced paid Super Follows. The Patreon-like feature lets creators charge a monthly fee. In exchange, subscribers get access to bonus content, such as exclusive Tweets.

Clubhouse introduced their own monetization feature last month with Payments. Rolling out to a small test group, Clubhouse Payments allows audiences to tip creators, with 100% of the donation going to creators. Twitter are yet to announce their cut if any.


Twitter Space hosts can now choose up to two other users to manage participants and info such as title and description. This will allow artists (for example) to focus on speaking and interacting with their audience, while a manager deals with the admin.


Scheduling a Space lets followers sign up to be notified when it begins.

Twitter are testing these features with a small group of creators. All features are expected to hit all users within a few months. This is an exciting time for those interested in Clubhouse-like platforms. As competition heats up, so do advancements for creators and audiences.