Spotify testing cheaper premium tier called Spotify Plus

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Streaming giant Spotify has announced that it is testing a new tier called Spotify Plus, a cheaper alternative mixes elements of Premium and free.

Spotify is currently testing a cheaper, ad-supported subscription tier that allows users unlimited streams of whichever tracks they wish, as many times as they wish, but with intermittent ads. So imagine if Spotify free and Premium merged, this is what Spotify Plus offers. 

Currently, the plan is only being tested in the US and costs just $0.99 per month. 

Spotify’s current free tier poses a limit on the number of songs users are able to skip per hour, and restricts the listener to shuffling tracks within tailored albums and playlists. However, Spotify Premium, priced at $9.99 (£9.99) per month offers users unlimited access to a library of 70 million tracks, ad-free. 

The addition of this tier is almost certainly going to pull new users in and it’s a great way to make their platform more accessible to lower-income users. However, it is currently a pilot scheme and is yet to be rolled out globally. 

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