Image credit: Soundtrap

If you’re learning a new instrument and want some guidance then you absolutely must download these apps.

The modern age has allowed learning music to be incredibly accessible, thanks to the internet we now have a variety of apps and media channels to head too, to learn an instrument. It’s safe to say that it has never been easier to learn to make music, which is a fantastic thing. 

Here are some of our favorite apps to use when learning music, a new instrument, or just fine-tuning your skills. 

Fender Play 

Web, iOS, Android 

Fender has been leading the way when it comes to musical learning apps thanks to the impressive, easy-to-use, and super helpful Fender Play app. It’s a great place for beginners and those looking to fine-tune their guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, or ukulele skills. The app is full of well-produced video lessons created by experts to guide you through the steps. The app has a free trial for new users and after that, it is $10 a month. 


iOS, Android

Ask any professional musician and they will say they practice with a metronome, mostly to help them keep time. If you’re not sure what a metronome is, it’s the clack device that goes left to right. You’ve no doubt seen one in your grandparent’s house or hidden somewhere in an old music room at school. Thankfully, in today’s frightfully brilliant modern age you can get them digitally on your mobile device, thanks to the mobile app Soundbrenner. Thankfully, Soundbrenner is a totally free app and has various accents, sounds, and time signatures for users to play with. A paid version is available called Soundbrenner Core, which allows you to pair the app with your smartwatch. 


macOS/Windows, iOS, Android 

Yousican is an incredibly impressive app that uses the built-in microphone on your mobile, tablet, or laptop to give you instant feedback. It has a similar UI to Guitar Hero, meaning it is user-friendly as well as visually entertaining. The app comes with specific lessons for guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, or vocals. There are also weekly challenges that reward you for learning new music, which is great motivation.