Image Credit: Anghami

The Anghami Lab in Dubai will be the first of new venues in London, Cairo, Los Angeles and beyond, celebrating Arabic culture and featuring a studio, stage and lounge.

Streaming platform Anghami has announced the launch of Anghami Lab, a hybrid entertainment venue containing a stage, lounge and studio, with a focus on fusing Arabic and international cultures.

Anghami, the Middle East and North Africa’s biggest streaming service, said the Lab will link the worlds of digital and traditional entertainment. Beginning with an initial venue in Dubai next year followed by an Anghami Lab in Riyadh, more venues are planned for cities including Beirut, Cairo, Jeddah, London, Los Angeles, New York and Abu Dhabi.

Music recorded at the venue’s studio will be exclusively available on Anghami, and there will be a creative focus inspired by Arabic and global cultures, in keeping with Anghami’s library containing Arabic music as well as International music.

To launch Anghami Lab, Anghami has joined forces with Addmind, a hospitality group with a portfolio of venues such as bars and beach clubs in locations including Qatar and London.

Tony Habre, Addmind’s CEO, said: “Anghami is more than just a streaming platform, they have elevated the value of the music industry in the Middle East as a whole – Anghami Lab is an amazing and unique concept that embodies our rich Arab culture with an international twist, which we are thrilled to bring to fruition and scale.”

Launched in 2012 to combat music piracy in the Middle East, Anghami is based in Abu Dhabi and has over 70 million users and a catalogue of over 57 million songs.

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