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    Hi, I don’t know how to login in my account spotify where I published my song with routenote. Please I want know how to access in my account! Thank you so much!

    Hi Cris, I’m not entirely sure I understand you question. Is it your RouteNote account that you can’t access?


    I know what Chris means! The problem is routenote generates an automatic account: the acces in this case is me doing the login on routenote page. But if I want to login to spotify for artist with the same account I publish my music with, I cant, because if I pit in my routenote credentials it doesnt work. It only works if you make a new account for spotify.

    Hey PAS, I’m afraid I don’t understand your issue. You use the URL for your Spotify artist page once you have music live on there for streaming and you can claim it as your profile when you sign up for Spotify for Artists. Let me know if that doesn’t help and what the problem is you’re having signing up for it.

    I’ ll try and be as clear as possible:
    – I have a routenote account, on which I published some music (on digital stores). Routenote automaticly created an account for me. I cannot access that account in any way if not through routenote.
    – If I try to login to Spotify for artists with my Routenote credentials it doesnt work.

    My question is: HOW, with my automatic account, I can access spotify for artists if I don t have ANY way to access my spotify account?

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