Spotify Marquee allows artists to easily promote albums and EPs. Now artists can market their singles to listeners most likely to fall in love with their music.

Spotify Marquee is a unique way to promote your music on the beloved music streaming platform, using Spotify’s data to put your new music in front of exactly the right ears. Available in Spotify for Artists, it allows you to have your music recommended to listeners who are into music like yours.

Spotify have now expanded Marquee for the promotion of singles, as well as albums and EPs. Whether you want to make sure people don’t miss your latest track release or if you want to promote an upcoming album with a new single from it, Marquee gives artists a direct route for artists to reach the correct ears.

How does it work?

When you promote your music with Marquee, Spotify will find the listeners who are most likely to enjoy your music. Whether that’s existing fans, listeners who have dipped into your music before, or totally new ears whose tastes line up with your music.

Spotify will then present these people with a card featuring your release and a direct link to listen to it.

Image Credit: Spotify

Spotify report than more than 20% of users presented with a Marquee card go on to listen to the promoted release in the next two weeks. They also see an average 2.2x increase in saving and playlisting of tracks featured in Marquee.

You name the price for how much promotion you want from Spotify Marquee to suit your budget and targets. Once your Marquee promotion is live you can track engagement of your music to see how far your money is going.

Find out more from Spotify’s Marquee site.